Some artists entertain.  Others captivate.  Twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter Daniel Correa electrifies. 

His lyrics speak to anyone who has ever struggled for a sense of truth. His songs, an innovative blend of alternative rock and pop, are a high-octane testimonial to the exhilaration, yearning, and angst that defines coming-of-age.

Daniel has already released 3 albums, while attending the University of Miami Frost School of Music.
Moreover, 2 of his songs: “Don’t Stop” and “Fold it Back” made it onto various Billboard charts.

“I want people to listen to my music and hear the honesty in it, to know that I’m not putting on airs or trying to be someone I’m not… that the joy and pain I write and sing about are real.” Daniel confesses that off-stage he’s a bit of an introvert, quiet and introspective, but it’s on-stage where he truly comes alive.

Born and raised in South Florida, his parents knew their son was unique when while dining out on family vacation, he began tugging at the sleeve of the venue’s performing musician. Daniel repeatedly asked the musician if he could join him on stage. The musician reluctantly handed him the mic. He smiled, began his count, “1, 2, 3…” and then launched into a blazing rendition of Lenny Kravitz’s version of the Rock classic, “American Woman.” He brought down the house. One patron shook his head, commenting, “‘Now, I’ve seen it all.’” Daniel Correa was four years old.